FAQ | 常见问题:

Why the software can’t run on my computer?

To use iFlashBook, you need to install FLASH player version 10 and above in your computer. If your PC can not run the programme properly or if it prompts you that you are using an older version of FLASH player, please download and install FLASH 10.

要正常地使用iFlashBook ,您需要在您的电脑里安装Flash 10或以上版本的播放器。如果您的电脑无法正常运行这个软件或提示您正在使用旧版本的Flash Player, 请您下载并安装Flash10 播放器。

Can a user use the same account to access the iFlashBook application on different computers?

The same account can access the application on different computers but not at the same time.


Why one has to download the software to use iFlashBook?

It is easier for children to operate and it is also convenient for them to study and read as the software provides functions such as page up and page down. There are study aid functions such as pronunciation and vocabulary assistant to help kids learn more effectively.


I forget my password. Then I couldn’t login. What should I do next?

If you have forgotten your login password, you can reset your password by using “Find Password” function.

To do this, start iflashbook and click on “Find Password” button to use the feature. You will be prompted to enter your Username and Email. When these two fields have been entered correctly, you can input a new password directly (twice). After you submit successfully, you will be able to login our website by the new password. At the same time, our system will send the new password you have reset to your Email box. *If you do not see an email from us in your inbox, please check the bulk/junk mail folders to see if it has been routed into these folders. yahoo and hotmail are not recommended.

如果您忘了您的登录密码,您可以通过“找回密码”的功能,重新设置密码。首先,启动 iflashbook,点击“找回密码”。您将会被提示输入您的用户名称和电邮地址。当您正确地填写这两栏后,您将能够重新输入新密码。当您成功呈交您的密码后,您便能使用新的密码登录我们的网站。与此同时,系统将会将全新的密码发送到您的电邮信箱。如果您在电邮信箱里找不到系统发送的电邮,请检查电邮信箱的垃圾邮件文件夹。我们不推荐您使用雅虎或Hotmail的电子邮箱。

Do I need internet acces to use iFlashBook?



I bought Year 1 Text Book + Year 2 Text Book Package. Why do I receive 2 username and Password?

This is to allow 2 users to use the ifalshbook at the same time.


How long can I use this iFlashBook for?
购买了iFlashBook 后,我能使用的期限是多长?

1 year from date of activation.